Website in Progress

2011-11-10 18:22:28 by prstnsworld

Working on my new website. I am getting really excited for the new elder scrolls game. Its going to be ball bustingly awesome if its anything that harry partridge says that it will be.

History of Newgrounds

2011-11-02 05:52:17 by prstnsworld

I came up with an idea to make a flash animation that will talk about the history of newgrounds. But first things first I am going to need a voice actor. I am also going to need some help so that someone can help me better understand how to do lip sync.

AIM and Shit

2011-10-16 14:30:50 by prstnsworld

Guess what? I've got AIM add me and all that good shit. A Archer animation is on the way.

New Stuff

2011-10-16 00:47:45 by prstnsworld

AWWW YEAH!! I'm back bitches, and now i'm going to start working on some bad ass animations and working on my newgrounds page. Also I'm starting a DeviantArt, A Twitter, and maybe some other stuff soon.


2011-04-08 08:55:30 by prstnsworld

I'm starting to write my series. Just one problem. I HAVE NO THEME!!!


2011-04-05 15:16:40 by prstnsworld

So close to finishing my new vegi themed flash.


2011-04-02 16:12:54 by prstnsworld

Work is so much Fun!


2011-03-19 19:47:26 by prstnsworld



2011-03-08 16:17:58 by prstnsworld

Trying to write a new St.Patricks day themed animation for my page. And how do you make a website with a url

working on my first flash

2011-03-03 20:52:02 by prstnsworld

workin on my first flash